Monday, July 25, 2016

Abhik Maitra

New BSNL Free 3G / 4G trick 2016- Hack Your Bsnl 3G/4G

Hi friends after a lots of try to hacking a bsnl 3g i find new trick to hacks 3g network..
This trick for how to use free internet on bsnl/mtnl 3G. Not a trick that how to get 3Gnetwork. THIS IS UNLIMITED.
Read carefully then reply no need to recharge of 230.
Yes Friends. Bsnl/mtnl 3G is free now.
So here is your trick.
Requirments - 3G phone n 3G or 2G sim. 3G network.
I would preffer os9.2 phones. Because these phones have some significant features.

Trick - 1 

first of all u have to select gsm mode. Go to settings then network settings n then select network mode GSM.
After that go to ur web browser n open any site.
Try to open light site. After opening any page go to network settings again n choose UMTS mode. Thats it. Ur 3G net is free now.

When u enters from GSM to UMTS 1 paisa or 2 paise will be deduct from ur account. This trick is working all over the India. This trick is for os 9.1 or other higher level phones which dont reboot when we change the network mode. Example-5320 xm, 5800, n95 etc n E series full.

here is for other phones os8, os8.1, os9, os9.1rn- if u have n73, n72, n70, 6630 etc mobiles it is more difficult for them.
For n73 or other UMTS phones of this range dont use UMTS mode. Use dual mode in ur network. Find an area in ur home where u don't get 3G network. When u gets only 2 parellel signal means only 2G signal open ur browser n open It is light site n will nt cost more than 1 paisa. Then come to 3G area. U'll get service msg that ur 1 paisa has been deduct. Then enjoy ur 3G free of cost.USE bsnlnet as apn instead of bsnlgprs.
post your valuable comments if you like this.............

TRick - 2

Supported devices are 6630, 6680, n70, n73 and all other phones which get reboot while switching network mode.
Use bsnlnet or bsnlwap apn.

1) go to network setting and select dual mode. After getting 3G network minimize it.
2) now go to any web browser and open any site. I would preffer
3) again go to network setting and select network manually. By doing this u will find all networks available.
4) now select any other network except cellone 3G. For example select airtel. Nothing will be happen. Now again select cellone 3G.
5) now u will get a flash msg that ur last call cost is 0.01 INR.

TRick - 3

Phones supported are as follow :-
Nokia 5320, 5230,5700,5800,e52,e55,e63,e65,e66,e71,e72,e75,e90,n79,n81,n82,n85,n95,n96,n97. Samsung i450, i550, i680, sony erricson vivaz.

Use bsnlnet or bsnlwap as apn
Here is trick step by step:-
1) go to network setting > network mode > select gsm.
2) go to web browser and open any site. I would preffer
3) now minimize ur web browser (don't exit just minimize).
4) now go to network setting again > network mode > select umts.
5) now u will get a flash message that ur last call cost is 0.01 INR.

Thats it for your phone. U can use every application with this trick. U can use it on pc too. U have to follow the same procedure for that.
IF trick is working for you than plz post comments ok..

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